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Who are the Founders?

Meet Adam and Mike, the founders of Pay Tgthr! We’re friends of over 25 years who have set out to revolutionize joint banking for Millennial and Gen Z partners, starting with automated expense splitting.

Adam JuhaszAdam is a University of Michigan-trained software engineer with a passion for solving the toughest problems in the couple’s finance space. After 10 years programming lasers used to perform eye surgery, Adam decided it was time to apply his talents to solving critical joint banking problems facing Millennial and Gen Z couples. When he’s not cranking out code, you can find him taking his Australian Cattle Dog, Zzyzzx, on 20 mile hikes with his wife.

Mike PerezMike is a graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Law and spent nearly a decade as a corporate attorney advising startups (fintech and otherwise) throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. Now, he’s putting his experience and knowledge to work building the future of joint banking. When he’s not hustling for the benefit of Pay Tgthr customers, Mike can usually be found jamming The Clash, Sufjan Stevens and the Beach Boys on Zoe, his Gretsch G2420T.

Why’d you start Pay Tgthr?

A few years ago, like many of our users, Adam and Mike were in long-term committed relationships with their then-girlfriends, now wives. Each had tried different ways of managing their joint expenses, but found existing solutions to be imperfect, cumbersome and time-consuming.

Mike and his girlfriend used to collect all their receipts at the end of the month, calculate how much each person owed and then request (and re-request) Venmo payment. Adam and his girlfriend tried using a joint checking account but found it time consuming to manage the balance. They tried adding an authorized user to a credit card, but this still put them back into the end-of-month Venmo situation Mike was in.

Dissatisfied with their existing options, Adam and Mike set out to build their own solution; thus was born Pay Tgthr. Now, two dudes from Southern California, now in San Francisco, work tirelessly to improve the lives of couples across the United States!