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Waitlist open for Stash Tgthr & Save Tgthr

We’re excited to let people start adding themselves to the waitlist for our next two products, Stash Tgthr and Save Tgthr. These new products help couples save short term and long term to build a better foundation together.

Stash Tgthr

Need to save for that bigger purchase? Stash Tgthr was designed to help couples save together for a specific goal. Set a date when you need the money by, how much to save and we’ll take care of the rest. With a combination of rolling up Pay Tgthr purchases, automatic top-ups from your linked bank account, and AI smarts we work to make sure you save enough to reach your goal.

We’re excited to see what our customers save for. Some of our beta users have already started saving for:

  • Security deposit
  • New couch
  • Trip to Mexico
  • SpaceX flight

Save Tgthr

Stressed about the future and want to put some cash away for a rainy day? Save Tgthr helps couples save together in case of emergencies.