Self driving money for couples

Spend, save, and live better together. We replace your joint checking account, joint savings account, and money under the mattress with the Tgthr Card.

When either of your Tgthr Cards is used, we'll split your purchase between your individual checking accounts.

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Interview with our CEO Mike about Pay Tgthr's founding and future

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It has made things easier for us.

Destiny, 28

We use to get into arguments about the math behind splitting. Now I don't have to math anymore! Instead we just ask "are we taking the share card [Tgthr Card]" when we leave the house.

Joey, 22

This is a stepping stone for [my wife and I] to grow our financial lives together and hopefully start to invest!

Thomas, 22

We almost broke up becuase the stress of managing the balance of our joint checking account. Now that that's taken care of, we've never been happier.

Vikas, 31
New York

Your money together, without being together

We always keep your money separate, but let you spend, save, and invest it together.

Pay Tgthr and the Tgthr Card

A new type of debit card that links to each of your existing bank accounts

Use your existing bank account

We link to the checking accounts you already have. There's no account to reload, preload or worry what the balance is.

An actual Mastercard

Use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Online, swipe, tap, or dip.

Change your split anytime

Everyone is different, change your split anytime! Even change splits for different types of purchases. Split food 70:30 but utilities 50:50.

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